School Fair
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Approach: Station ACCESS
Level: Year 4 and year 8
Focus: Identifying information needs for a poster  
Resources: Video recording on laptop computer, answer booklet, cartoon card [simulated resource shown below.]

This activity uses the computer.

Click on the button that says School Fair.
[Click on graphic to enlarge.]

Write your ideas in the booklet.
Write up to five pieces of important information that the poster will need to say. Tell people the things they need to know about the school fair.

Voiceover instructions
[Series of stills as above; voice-over same as text above, followed by instructions below.]
Grace has to make a poster to advertise the school fair. She asks Ben to help her. Ben asks YOU!
Ben wants you to think of up to five pieces of important information to write on the poster. It should be information that will tell people the things they need to know about the school fair.

% responses
2009 ('05)
day fair held
34 (20)
47 (57)
time fair held
28 (22)
45 (42)
where fair held
31 (20)
50 (59)
some of the stalls
19 (25)
26 (22)
some of the activities
25 (34)
40 (32)
reasons why people might want to go (fun and enjoyable)
11 (23)
23 (9)
Any other appropriate information:
yes, two or more items
7 (4)
10 (12)
yes, one item
28 (18)
39 (47)

Total score:
3 (1)
13 (10)
36 (28)
51 (57)
19 (26)
17 (18)
14 (20)
7 (9)
28 (25)
11 (6)
Subgroup Analysis [Click on charts to enlarge] :
Year 4

Year 8

This was a difficult task, particularly at year 4. Children had difficulty coming up with more than two or three ideas for messages that should be on a poster for a school fair. Year 4 Mäori and Pasifika children had great difficulty with the task, with almost half not being able to come up with any ideas. Girls outperformed boys at both years. Modest growth was seen in performance at year 4 from the previous administration.