Get Firewise
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Approach:  Station
Level: Year 8
Focus: Finding information on a website  
Computer program on laptop computer

This activity uses the computer.

Click on the button that says Get Firewise.

voice-over instructions:
Look at the web page about the New Zealand Fire Service.
You will be asked to find some different things about this service. Click on the search term in the menu bar you would use to find the answers. Here’s the first one.
[Voice-over and on-screen text presented same list as in answer column below.]

Search term menu shown adjacent is based on the New Zealand Fire Service Firewise website, as at time of task development in 2005, and is now out of date. The website shown adjacent is the site as at April 2010, showing the current programme –

% responses
2009 ('05)
Pictures of fire fighting:
selected search term “Photo Library”
61 (60)
How many house fires were there this year?
selected search term “Facts and Statistics”
33 (35)
Stories about fires that have been on TV and in the newspapers:
selected search term “News & Media”
78 (72)
How to make sure you don’t have a fire in your home:
selected search term “Safety in You House”
75 (77)
Studies that show the things that cause fires:
selected search term “Fire Research”
49 (49)
How to get out of a building that is on fire:
selected search term “Evacuation Advice”
55 (51)
How much fire fighters get paid:
selected search term “Jobs & Recruitment”
66 (64)

Total score:
12 (10)
15 (16)
38 (40)
25 (24)
10 (11)
Subgroup Analysis [Click on charts to enlarge] :
Year 8

Most children were able to find quite a lot of the requested information on a website concerning fire safety. Performance was very similar in 2005 and 2009. Girls slightly outperformed boys and Pakeha and Mäori children outperformed Pasifika children.