:Delivery Girl
Trend Task
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Approach:  Independent Level: Year 8
Focus: Interpreting a map 
Resources: Map in recording book, red pen


Nicole has an after-school job. She delivers parcels from the post office to places in the town. She likes to finish at the swimming pool for a swim.

Nicole has parcels to take to these places, starting from the post office:

• medical centre
• house in Bowen Street (shown as )
• Te Anau school
• police station

With a red pen draw the shortest way to deliver the parcels from the post office, and then end up at the swimming pool.

[click on map to enlarge]
% responses
2003 ('99)
starts at post office
96 (98)
passes medical centre
93 (95)
passes house in Bowen St
84 (90)
passes police station
91 (94)
passes Te Anau school
95 (95)
finishes at swimming pool
89 (88)
shortest route
41 (43)
Total score:

37 (42)
38 (36)
17 (17)
7 (4)
1 (1)
There is no difference between 1999 and 2003 in year 8 students’ ability to interpret a map by following directions. While about 90 percent or more students correctly identified each of five locations on the map, only about 40 percent were able to plot the shortest route to complete instructions.
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