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: Dinosaurs
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  Level: Year 4
Approach: One to one
Focus: Looking at a model of a triceratops, comment on its living environment, food sources, means of protection, and reasons for eventual extinction.
Resources: Plastic triceratops model.

Questions / instructions:
Here is a model of a dinosaur. Scientists call this dinosaur a triceratops.

These animals lived on Earth a very long time ago. You can pick the model up and have a good look at it while I ask you some questions.
Give student model of dinosaur.

% responses
1. Think about the place where the triceratops lived.
    How might the place where they lived a long time ago be different from what it is like now?
    Prompt: Is there anything else you can tell me?
not marked
2. How do you think the triceratops got its food?
    Prompt: Anything else?
eating plants
3. All animals have to protect themselves in the environments where they live.
    What would the triceratops need to protect itself from?
    Prompt: Anything else?
carnivorous predators
other suitable response ( eg. disease, starvation, dehydration)
4. How do you think the triceratops protected itself?
    Prompt: Anything else?
horns .
charging, using its weight
other valid response (eg. strong tail)
5. There are no longer any triceratops living on Earth. What do you think happened to them?
     Prompt: What caused them to die out or become extinct?
sudden change of climate or habitat; or crash of space object
About half of the year 4 students know that triceratops were plant eaters. High proportions identified major predators and means of protection, but fewer could explain reasons for their extinction.
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