Chapter Graphic
: Mixing Colour
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Approach: Station Level: Year 4
Focus: Using the primary colours plus black and white, investigate and report on paint mixtures needed to generate four specified new colours and shades.
Resources: Mixing paper, water in cup, 5 tubes of paint, sponge, brush.

Questions / instructions:
Note: Students should be supplied with a damp sponge in the plastic cup.
Do not provide the student with water – YOU keep the water to clean the brush etc., when necessary.

Sometimes people mix colours to make other colours.
You have 5 colours of paints.
You are going to try to make 4 new colours.
You need to think about which paints to mix together for each colour.

% responses
1. Try to make the colours named in the circles.
    Mix paints in the circles on your mixing paper.
2. On the answer sheet write down the names of the colours you mixed together to make the colours in the cans.
to make green: blue and yellow only
to make orange: red and yellow only
to make pink: red and white only
to make dark blue: blue and black only
More than three quarters of the year 4 students succeeded with the first three colour blends. Dark blue proved more challenging.
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