Trend Task
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Approach:  One to one Level: Year 8
Focus: Interpreting a table and a graph 
Resources: Chart with table

Give student tide chart.

This chart gives information about tides, the sun and moon.

H means high tide and L means low tide.

[click on chart to enlarge]
% responses
2003 ('99)
1. Look for Sunday, March 14th.
At what time in the afternoon will it be high tide at
Port Chalmers?
57 (70)
2. Look at Saturday, March 13th. Imagine that you want to catch low tide at St.Clair. What times would you catch a low tide?
Correct choices: 7.05am & 7.21pm
88 (88)
74 (81)
3. The tide chart also has information about the sun and the moon. Look at the moon for Saturday, March 13th.
Try to tell me three things about the moon on this date.
rises at 2.02am
79 (83)
sets at 5.20pm
78 (84)
is a crescent / moon
12 (49)
Point to Saturday 13 March tide section of the graph.
4. Now look at the graph for Saturday March 13th.
What is happening between 2 am and 6 am?
tide is going out
59 (55)
5. Who might find this chart helpful?
people who need to know about the level of the sea (or examples of such people)
85 (70)
Total score:

27 (42)
46 (37)
19 (14)
6 (5)
2 (2)
There was a slight decline in year 8 students’ ability to interpret aspects of related material presented in a table and a graph from 1999 to 2003. Overall, 27 percent of students in 2003 compared with 42 percent in 1999 scored more than seven overall.
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