:Cats Sleep Anywhere
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Approach:  Station Level: Year 4
Focus:  Following instructions.  
Resources: Audio recording on laptop computer.
This activity uses the computer.
Click on the button that says Cats Sleep Anywhere.
Click the Play button to hear the video.
Only play the tape once.
Cat Stamp

Audio script:
You have a picture of a room in a house and a little stamp that makes a picture of a cat. You can practise using the stamp. Make 3 stamps of the cat inside the Practice Box. Do that now.

Allow time.

Put the stamp down now and listen to me.

You are going to listen to a poem called ‘Cats Sleep Anywhere’. Look at the picture of the room. The poem tells you the places where a cat might sleep. As the poem is read stamp a picture of the cat in the different places where it says the cat might sleep. Only stamp the places where I tell you. Get your stamp ready now.
I’ll start the poem now.

Cats sleep anywhere

Any table, any chair

Top of piano, window ledge

In the middle, on the edge

Open drawer, empty shoe

Anybody’s lap will do

Fitted in a cardboard box

In a cupboard with your frocks

Anywhere, they don’t care

Cats sleep anywhere

[click on image for enlargement of work sheet with and without stamp in correct places]

% responses
2002 '98
Places stamped:

91 (91)
93 (92)
top of piano
97 (96)
window ledge
82 (94)
open drawer
93 (91)
empty shoe, boot or both
94 (92)
child’s lap
93 (93)
cardboard box in cupboard
94 (95)
Total score: 
69 (76)
19 (12)
5 (5)
4 (4)
3 (3)

The year 4 students were very successful with this task. Slightly fewer students got a perfect score in 2002 than in 1998. This was largely related to lower success in placing a stamp on a ‘window ledge’. The marking of this component may have been stricter in 2002.

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