NEMP Contact Information and Resources
Unit for Studies in Educational Evaluation (USEE)

Copies of the full NEMP probe study reports are available through the Unit for Studies in Educational Evaluation. Extra copies of the ‘NEMP Curriculum Map’ can be purchased at $3 per copy. Details of the NEMP probe study and research programme are available from USEE, and we welcome feedback from teachers and schools regarding the ‘NEMP Curriculum Map(112kb to download), the ‘Teachers’ Choice of NEMP Tasks’ kit, and the ‘NEMP Probe Study Findings’. Please contact us with any comments or suggestions regarding the usefulness of these resources.

CONTACT: Alison Gilmore and Clare van Hasselt
  Unit for Studies in Educational Evaluation,Education Department
  University of Canterbury
  Private Bag 4800
  New Zealand
TEL: (03) 366 7001 (Ext. 8286)
FAX: (03) 364 2418

Educational Assessment Research Unit (EARU)

Extra copies of NEMP reports and the ‘NEMP Probe Study Findings’ publication are available to teachers and schools at no cost.

CONTACT: Linda Doubleday
  Educational Assessment Research Unit
  University of Otago
  Box 56
  New Zealand
TEL: 0800 808 561
FAX: (03) 479 7550

Full NEMP probe study reports will be added to this website by January 2004.

New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER)

Extra copies of the ‘Teachers’ Choice of NEMP Tasks’ kit are available for purchase through the New Zealand Council for Educational Research for $27 each.

CONTACT: Bev Webber, Publishing and Marketing Manager
  PO Box 3237
  New Zealand
TEL: (04) 384 7939
FAX: (04) 384 7933

Ministry of Education

Other assessment options are outlined on the Ministry of Education website:
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