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 About N.E.M.P.  : Assessment Resource for Teachers

The Teachers' Choice of NEMP Tasks is a resource kit for use by classroom teachers. It was developed by Dr Alison Gilmore and her project team at the Unit for Studies in Education Evaluation (USEE), University of Canterbury, and became available in November 2002. This resource is made available to schools through funding provided by the Ministry of Education, the Educational Assessment Research Unit (EARU) at Otago University, the NZ Education Institute (NZEI), The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) and USEE.

The Background
The purpose of this project was to select particularly useful NEMP tasks in all curriculum areas and develop a collection of visually exciting task sheets for use by classroom teachers. It accompanies the NEMP-Curriculum Map resource developed to provide a bridge between the NEMP tasks and the national curriculum statements.

Six teachers, representing a cross-section of teaching experience and experience with the NEMP materials, were invited to undertake the selection of tasks and the development of the task sheets.

A number of principles were adopted to guide this project. Namely, that the Teachers' Choice of NEMP Tasks kit would:

  • support the fundamental philosophy and practices of the NEMP assessment programme;
  • be useful to schools as a quality resource that could be shared amongst a number of teachers;
  • be linked to the seven essential skills of the new Zealand Curriculum but not to specific learning objectives or levels;
  • encourage teachers to consult the NEMP reports more extensively; and
  • support the use of the NEMP-Curriculum Map, a related USEE teacher resource.
The teachers worked in flexible teams to select the NEMP tasks, develop a task sheet format, link the tasks with the New Zealand curriculum framework and validate the information. It was considered undesirable to categorise the tasks at particular achievement levels as the tasks could be adapted easily to different contexts and levels of difficulty. Twenty-three NEMP tasks were selected as being particularly:
  • exciting;
  • innovative;
  • good models of an assessment activity;
  • motivating for students; and
  • valuable for providing information about what children know, can understand and can do.

The selection of NEMP tasks was restricted to those for which resources could be created using the photocopy masters in the kit, resources would be accessible within a school, or other materials could be used to adapt the task. Full details on how to prepare and carry out each of the twenty-three selected assessment tasks are presented with ease of use in mind, including advice or suggestions for how teachers may adapt each task for use in their classroom.

These tasks, come highly recommended by this team of teachers. They urge other teachers to try them, to begin to explore the NEMP assessment practices and philosophy, and to explore other equally valuable NEMP tasks from the annual NEMP reports.

Resources and Contacts

These kits are unfortunately no longer avaliable.



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