This NEMP Probe study was associated with the course, TL835 Issues in Numeracy, in the Master of Teaching and Learning of the Christchurch College of Education. In 2005 five students enrolled in the course were required to collaboratively and individually analyse NEMP data for a research assignment within this course. The students were fourth year primary teacher education students enrolled in the full-time BTchLn(Hons) programme at the Christchurch College of Education. In this report, these five students are collectively referred to as the 'research team' and individually as researchers, and the author is the course lecturer. This report discusses some background issues to the study, outlines the analysis design and summarises key aspects of the analysis of the data from the research team.

Further information about the process of incorporating experience with NEMP data within coursework is reported elsewhere.

The research team were Helen Abrahams, Rebecca Hinton, Erin Hollis, Tineke Schat and Julianne May. Their analyses and findings are collectively acknowledged. I also acknowledge the support and assistance of the following: Clare van Hasselt and Associate Prof Alison Gilmore of the Unit for Educational Evaluation (USEE), University of Canterbury, Dr Susan Lovett of Christchurch College of Education and the staff of the EARU office in Dunedin who supported this Probe Study.

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