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 : Weather
Approach: Team Level: Year 4 only

Resources: 5 sets of 4 cards with words and (for all except months) pictures:

1: July
swimming at the beach average temperature 13 degrees this month blossom on trees
2: January skiing average temperature 9 degrees this month leaves falling off trees
3: May planting the garden average temperature 20 degrees this month fruit growing on trees
4: October
The 5th set on blue card
playing hockey average temperature 14 degrees this month no leaves on trees
5: lots of sunshine 10 days of rain this month 15 days of rain this month 18 days of rain this month  

Laminated chart to place cards on:

Questions / instructions:
This group activity is about the seasons. We want to know what your ideas are and how you do things when working together in a group. There isn't always a right or a wrong answer. You will have some cards with pictures about the seasons. To start with, we will use 16 cards. Each of you will have 4 of the cards.

The first thing I want you to do is to look at your cards and show them to the others in your group, so that everyone can see all of the cards. I want you to tell the others what is on each of your cards. Here are your cards so that you can do that now.

Now I am going to give your team a chart for putting the cards on. As a group, I want you to decide how you will arrange the cards on the chart. Arrange them so that each column on the chart has a set of cards that belong to the same season. Only put one card on each space. Here is the chart.

% responses

Place the chart in front of the team. When the chart is complete, ask:
Now I want each person in the team to explain why you arranged the cards this way.

Discussion rated very good


Each person can explain one column on the chart.
You should explain why each card belongs to the column for that season.

Good explanations: Spring


Note that a "column" runs vertically on the chart. Explain this to the students.
Now I have 4 more [blue] cards to be put on the bottom of the chart. I will give one of these cards to each of you.
Show your card to the others, then decide as a team where they should go on your chart.
Put only one card at the bottom of each column.

Discussion rated very good

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