Chapter Graphic : Candles in Jars
Trend Task
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  Level: Year 4 and year 8
Approach: One to one
Focus: Predict and explain the effect on burning of different environmental conditions.
Resources: Video, picture.
the videoclip 2.4MB
(requires QuickTime plug-in)

Questions / instructions:
In this activity you will be predicting what will happen to three candles.
You are going to watch a video clip of three candles in three different jars. The three candles are all the same size. The big jar and one of the little jars will have lids put on them at the same time.We will watch the video now.

Play the video clip.
Stop the video when cued. Before we finish watching the video, I want you to tell me the order that you think the candles will go out.

% responses
Here is a picture of the three candles in their jars.
small with lid first,
large with lid second,
small open last
20 (32)
63 (71)
Give student the picture of the candle in the jar.
Wait for student response.

Now let's look and see what happens.
Play the rest of the video.
1. Can you explain to me why the candles went out in this order?
mentions oxygen
10 (16)
43 (45)
mentions air
42 (54)
42 (47)
mentions how amount of air is related to size of closed jar
31 (42)
77 (80)
About 40 percent more year 8 than year 4 students succeeded with this task. The 1999 year 4 students showed less knowledge and understanding than their 1995 counterparts, but there was a smaller decline for year 8 students.
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