Clay Person Exemplars : HIGH
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The media handling is confident, joins are secure and the features of the body are built from clay rather than drawn into it. There is a clear sense of a three-dimensional person occupying space. The work may explore arrangements other than frontal symmetry. Yet, even when using such symmetry, care is taken for interesting viewpoints right around the person. Opportunities to develop personality in the model are explored through clothing and additional items. These details contribute to rich “stories” of a variety of characters paused at their common resting place: the skate-boarder, teenager “hanging out”, burdned shopper, old lady befriended by cats, and teenager reading a book.

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Exemplar 1 (Year 4)
Exemplar 2 (Year 4)
Exemplar 3 (Year 4)
Exemplar 4 (Year 8)
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Exemplar 1 : Year 4
Exemplar 2 : Year 4
Exemplar 3 : Year 4
Exemplar 4 : Year 8
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