Clay Person Exemplars : MID
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Joins are secure and there is a clear sense of the figure occupying the given space. The coil or slab nature of the clay when left unelaborated can suggest a strong “presence” that sometimes doesn’t carry through in the details. The features may be given scant attention with attempts only to draw into, rather than model, the clay. The character and mood are approached tentatively without care to elaborate surfaces or details. Most figures are squashed into right angles and presented very squarely to a frontal viewer. The provided “steps” appear to awkwardly dominate the maker’s arrangement possibilities. Some attempts explore a more fluid pose although there are often limits to the interest from more than one viewing point.

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Exemplar 1 (Year 4)
Exemplar 2 (Year 4)
Exemplar 3 (Year 8)
Exemplar 4 (Year 8)
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Exemplar 1 : Year 4
Exemplar 2 : Year 4
Exemplar 3 : Year 8
Exemplar 4 : Year 8
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