Clay Person Exemplars : LOW
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The difficulty for this range is in constructing a visually coherent figure. Dismemberment, fragmentation and the use of a coil to draw a clay line are often seen. This could be viewed as a familiarity with processes met in flat drawings and perhaps a lack of experience with three-dimensional materials. The context of the steps is just another hurdle for these makers who simply drape their shapes across them or place loosely related fragments on each level. While the maker may have a coherent story behind their character, this has not been translated into the language of form and clay.

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Exemplar 1 (Year 4)
Exemplar 2 (Year 4)
Exemplar 3 (Year 8)
Exemplar 4 (Year 8)
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Exemplar 1 : Year 4
Exemplar 2 : Year 4
Exemplar 3 : Year 8
Exemplar 4 : Year 8
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